About the Author

Michael Cohen is a 25-year old Montrealer/currently residing in Berlin, Germany with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Professional Business Writing (Concordia’s University – 2013) as well as an Associate’s in both Sociology and Psychology (Vanier College – 2010). He is an active community member and follower of the gaming/eSports scene and contributor to major organizations since 2007/2010.

During his university studies, he has contributed to over 11 local/national/international events which have totaled up to 70,000 attendants and online spectators for games Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II and more.

Simultaneously with the drive for his university degree and event project management, he has been an organizational manager for eight different professional organizations in addition to spearheading public relations division, news writing and marketing of each group. Overall, he has handled over 50 talented members & supportive staff across nine countries and six time-zones while accommodating hundreds of members at his local community in Montreal.

Cohen is a writer of hundreds of articles for various established mainstream gaming and competitive gaming news media sites and continues to be a reference for the business and societal aspect of the industry and culture.

Currently, Michael Cohen analyzes the socioculture and business aspect of competitive games and multiplayer communities (title: Armchair Athleticism) as well as continuing consultation for new groups and interested parties. His personal projects currently consist of this analytical series; Armchair Athleticism (115,000 readership) and player-guide support and writing for Valve (127 guides – over 30 million subscriptions).

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About the Series

The Armchair Athleticism critical series is an opinion-base article series regarding the socioculture and business behind gaming and competitive gaming scenes. All articles are opinion-based and revolve around the author’s own experiences and understanding of the culture. This informed series of written pieces could not have been achieved without the help and opinions of my peers and friends. Below are the people I wish to thank for their insight, accuracy/consistency verifications or expert opinions on the numerous topics: thank you

*titles may be inaccurate – if there is a mistake or error, please contact me directly.